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Duplex Rabbit Hutch

Duplex Rabbit Hutch

Duplex Rabbit Hutch is a safe and spacious two story indoor or outdoor home for your rabbit. A cozy interior house sits above a protected lower play area. Simply close the ramp to keep upper and lower levels separate.

Four hinged doors allow access to all areas of the house plus play yard and lock securely when not in use. A removable galvanized tray prevents rusting and is easy to clean. Crafted from a fine weather-resistant variety of fir tree lumber and coated with a protective, pet-safe, Gray stain with asphalt coated roof panels to protect your bunnies from inclement weather.

Designed for use by one or more rabbits, all Prevue rabbit hutches undergo independent lab testing to conform to the highest levels of pet safety. Our Duplex Rabbit Hutch has 1’’ wire spacing and measurements with roof overhang are 49 1/4’’ long and 26 3/4’’ wide. To maintain the longevity of your purchase, we recommend that you periodically treat it with a non-toxic sealant and protect the hutch with a tarp or other covering during extended periods of inclement weather.


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  • Cozy interior house above a protected play area
  • Four hinged doors allow access to all areas of the house and play area
  • Removable galvanized tray floor for cleaning
  • Ramp entry can be closed off to isolate upper/lower spaces
  • Asphalt-coated roof panels
  • Indoor/outdoor use for one or more rabbits
  • Measures: 44 1/8″ L x 21 3/4″ W x 45 1/2″ H with 1’’ wire spacing



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