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Chicken Coop with Nest Box

Chicken Coop with Nest Box

This adorable coop is compact yet roomy. The elevated coop allows hens full use of the enclosed chicken run.

The coop interior features a removable floor tray for routine cleaning, two roosting bars, and full access to the 2-bay nest box.

An interior coop divider door can be closed from the exterior with a jointed handle. Two access doors with barrel bolt locks and a lock-ready nest box lid allow access to all areas.


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  • Can easily accommodate 2 – 3 hens
  • Side-access nest box with two nesting bays and locking hardware on the lids (padlock not inc)
  • Coop area with two roosting bars, and a galvanized tray floor for cleaning
  • Large protected chicken run
  • Asphalt-coated roof and 1/2″ galvanized wire mesh to guard against predators and weather
  • Chicken run and coop access doors with barrel bolt locks
  • Interior coop door can be closed off at the ramp entrance (from the coop exterior) with a jointed handle



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